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First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Zach Reffitt, I am the owner and CEO of Ohio Green ReLeaf (OGR).

Prior to entering the medical marijuana field, I worked in the banking/mortgage industry for 17 years. In taking the principals of customer service to heart I have built one of the lowest-priced and highest patient-rated medical marijuana companies in the state of Ohio!

OGR was established in December of 2018. There was one goal in mind, to serve all patients equally and to the fullest of our ability, while being the most affordable to all. In a little less than 3 years Ohio Green ReLeaf has become one of the leading medicinal marijuana recommendation providers in the state of Ohio.

OGR has grown from one doctor who worked two days a month, to a current practice offering six doctors six days a week! The common theme among these doctors is high quality patient care. Given we are one of the lowest priced providers in Ohio; this is not a get what you pay for operation.
It is truly our passion to provide the best quality care to our patients, while not overcharging for services.
My doctors and I truly hope potential patients take Ohio Green ReLeaf’s mission to heart. It is not just words. We truly want to provide exceptional service to EVERY patient who selects and entrusts OGR to navigate them through their medical marijuana journey (from start to finish).

Zach Reffitt

Owner / CEO



Ohioans since 2018

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