Fake Piss to Beat a Urinalysis

Fake Piss to Beat a Urinalysis
January 22, 2020

Best Fake Piss to Beat a Urinalysis Test

Drug tests have many variants, but urine tests are one of the most popular ones in professional and ordinary environments.

What are Urine Drug Tests?

 UDT consists of a subject submitting a sample of his or her urine to be tested for any signs of substance abuse.

Urine drug tests painlessly test and screen the metabolites and traces of any drug or medication. Typically, these tests display the following drugs:


On another hand, urine tests also serve to point out substance abuse from both alcohol and prescription medications. These tests are often made by employers in order to filter workers with drug problems from positions that require a clear mental state.

How Can I Pass a Urine Test?

 The past decade and its years spawned a wide variety of solutions to pass a urine test, from actual detoxification to masking effects. There is also synthetic urine you can simply deliver as your own in order to just avoid taking the risks.

The ideal way to pass a urine test would be to undergo a detox regime and get rid of any metabolites and impurities your body may have leftover after taking any drugs. However, taking on a detox process does require prior planning and discipline in order to get the desired results, but due to the time factor, this may not be the go-to solution for everybody.

Another popular method to pass urine tests is the detox flush. Usually, this method consists of a pill that once it is bolstered by full blather, it will flush down the remaining toxins from your body. The flushing method can also be dangerous and many question its legitimacy, as many believe it is simply a mask for the test.

How to Use Synthetic Urine to Pass a Urine Test : Why Can it Fail

 Synthetic urine has become a rather popular method to pass a drug test. But there are certain things to consider before submitting fake synthetic samples.

Synthetic urine if poorly made can be easily recognized by a laboratory, if buying, you should make sure it contains the right ingredients so you don’t get busted. Regular pH levels range from 4,5 all the way to 8, and these are the values that any sample should range in to be validated.

Many users guarantee that fake pee is, in fact, the most effective way to pass a urine drug test with a very narrow chance of failure. Amongst these failure factors, the temperature is another thing to look after, as human urine tends to range within a temperature of 90 °F to 100 °F. If synthetic urine is your choice you must then look out for its temperature.

To keep synthetic urine at a regular body level it is advisable to keep your sample between your legs for about an hour, in case you’ve frozen the sample. To read further information on how to handle and use a drug test kit click here.

Top Types of Synthetic Urine: How it Works as a Substitute

 Synthetic Urine if bought comes in 2 types, powdered and liquid, each has its pros and cons. But overall, they can be used in any opioid, alcohol and even nicotine urine tests you might need to undergo.

Remember all urine spoils for a test after 5 hour’s time unless frozen.

1 Powdered Synthetic Urine: This type is probably the most versatile one, it won’t spoil until you blend it with water and, it is ideal to mix it the same day of your test just to avoid freezing it and having to go through natural heating processes that may spoil the sample. This might be a generic type of synthetic urine but just make sure you get a good brand, like Test Clear for example.

2 Real Powdered Human Urine: This item is slightly pricier than its synthetic counterparts, but it certainly brings a great deal of success rate to those who try it. The most reputable brand for this product would be The Urinator, so look it up in your dispensary or Pro Marijuana sites.

3 Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kit: Quick Fix has invested a lot of time and technology for you to pass that urine test that stresses you months before. You can purchase about 2 ounces of this synthetic liquid urine for about 30 USD. It comes with a heating pad, a temperature strip and a bottle with the 2 ounces or 45 ml you need to fill up a sample cup.

 Can Laboratories Detect Synthetic Pee?

 Synthetic urine is designed to display all the correct components that appear in a regular healthy urine sample, as for the case of Quick Fix, it is rather undetectable as labs will only look for the aforementioned components of pee.

As long as the synthetic urine is high quality and contains the right composition laboratories shouldn’t be able to differentiate one from another.

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